Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Product Review: Oliso Pro Vacuum Sealer

I was approached in July by Oliso about a product review for their vacuum seal system. I thought about the tremendous amount of meat and veggies my wife and I were about to freeze and thought this could be a great way to store food for the winter. The fact that this model is designed for travel (i.e., Alaska trips) was a major plus, so I agreed to check it out.

My wife Sue spent a great deal of time with the Oliso sealer and agreed to help out as a guest blogger for this review:

August has been a great month for this beginning gardener. Produce a-plenty and countless meals made with fresh kale, green beans, squash, tomatoes…the list goes on and on. Wondering how I could capture this abundance of fruits and vegetables to enjoy in the long Idaho winter months ahead? I gave canning a try a couple of years ago without too much success – it took too long, required too many supplies and everything tasted mushy. Fortunately, the Oliso PRO Vacuum Sealer recently found its way into my life (perfect timing).

Ten pounds of fresh string beans and a box full of peaches were the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

Ease of Use: Directions were easy to follow and I was on my way to vacuum sealing in no time. It was really easy to figure out! You just place the item in a bag, seal it shut (getting as much air out as possible), and "voila!" - slide the bag into the vacuum sealer.

Time: This thing is FAST! Most of the time was spent trimming and parboiling the beans – the actual vacuum sealing took around 2 minutes per bag. Once my beans were ready to go, I had 10 pounds sealed in about 6 minutes.

Functionality: The Oliso PRO Sealer seems well-constructed.  It comes with a set of resealable 'ziploc' style bags.  Once you open a vacuum bag, you can reuse it up to nine additional times.

Overall Satisfaction: 10 out of 10! Bring on winter – I am not eating lousy, bland store bought green beans or canned peaches this year!

Suggestion:  The only drawback I see is in the Zip Disc – this device is used to securely seal the zipper for proper vacuuming. It’s small, it’s white, and there is only one. My four year old son tried to take off with it and incorporate it into a Lego tower. Fortunately, I quickly retrieved it. 

I would definitely recommend this product and will spend the next few weeks furiously vacuum sealing any and all fresh produce I can get my hands on. 

Thank you for the opportunity, Oliso.


  1. Great review! Gardening abd my flower beds are another passion of mine and this product looks like a good deal. Thanks! Always wondered how gardens did your way-obviously well!


    1. Thanks Gregg. Our growing season isn't as long over here as yours, but we still grow a heck of a lot of produce.

      If you're looking for a vacuum sealer, this is the best one I've seen.